5 Of The Worst Career Mistakes You Need To Avoid

These are five career mistakes you can definitely avoid by creating great professional habits. Although we all make mistakes, it is best to try to avoid making them. It saves time, embarrassment, and in this case your career.

Avoid 5 Of The Worst Career Mistakes

Career Mistake #1: Don’t Overshare. Have you ever heard of TMI? If you haven’t, that’s a short way of saying too much information. I’ve fallen victim to oversharing and maybe at some point, you have too. Work is a professional setting and making anyone feel awkward because you overshare personal information isn’t exactly what you want to be known for. Remember it’s better to be known as the one who shares too little than the one who shares too much.

Career Mistake #2: Not Taking Responsibility. One of the most annoying things co-workers and managers have to deal with in the workplace environment is those who can’t take responsibility for their mistakes. Adults in the workplace shouldn’t have to deal with unproductive and immature adults that pretend like a mistake didn’t happen. Save everyone time and own up to it. Acknowledge that you made a mistake, and assure your manager that it won’t happen again.

Career Mistake #3: The “I Can’t” Attitude. “I can’t” is no longer a term you should use at work. With the internet, almost everything is possible and is literally just a search away. You can figure out almost everything with all the resources we have so “I can’t” shouldn’t be in your vocabulary. Managers are looking for those who have ambition and that can do things that everybody doesn’t. If you don’t know how to do something, find out.

Career Mistake #4: Getting Caught Up In Workplace Gossip.  Gossip can be something you do in your personal life, but at work, nothing should be personal. It’s not the reputation you want to have. Don’t get involved in office gossip and learn how to excuse yourself when it does pop up. Keep in mind that a quick venting session might feel great in that moment, but soon after you’ll realize that it’s not that helpful. Bond with your coworkers by celebrating successes not by tearing each other down.

Career Mistake #5: Following Someone Else Path. Many of us carry the expectations of other people in our life. This includes our parents, family members, and sometimes even our spouse. Very often we can allow these individuals to influence the road we are taking in our lives. This is a huge mistake, you shouldn’t ever enter a job that you have no interest in. Although it may satisfy the people around you, you will never feel happy with the work you’re doing. Remember you are responsible for your happiness first, find something you love and build your own empire.

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